Is Packer’s medical/training staff to blame for injuries?

Hard to see how the staff could be responsible for a Bulaga’s torn ACL.  I am not sure any amount of training could impact when a knee ligament gives out.  The only way they could be faulted in this instance is they might be too thorough and noticed a small tear that other doctors might have overlooked.  I suspect it’s possible that other teams would have missed this, see Robert Griffin last year, and the end result would be a more severe injuries.

Jordy Nelson’s surgery is another issue.  If it is true that this is something he has been dealing with since college why wasn’t surgery performed in the off-season?  Of course we will never know the details.  The medical staff might have recommended surgery and Jordy rejected it.

Just my opinion, but if the Packers truly have been leading the league in terms of injuries (as it seems) I think it can be chalked up to two things:

  1. The Packers medical staff is very cautious when it comes to injuries and consistently defers to ensure the safety of the player.
  2. The Packers organization next man up philosophy which I suspect reinforces the impact of the medical staff.  I believe the Packers would rather have a backup playing at full speed then a starter playing at 75% speed, especially when combined with the risk of further injury to a player.  This has been reinforced over the years based on the team getting very solid play out of backups when they are forced into duty.



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