Packers head into training camp with few answers to Defenses weakness up the middle.

For the last 3 years the Packer’s defense has been bad overall, but especially bad up the middle. Where other contending teams in the NFC are stocked with talent the Packer’s have mediocre players and did little during the offseason to upgrade these glaring weaknesses.

B.J. Raji is back and will be counted on heavily. If Raji’s stats were not enough to convince you how bad he has been over the last 2 seasons, then the fact that he received no interest in free agency should. Can he be better playing Nose Tackle than Defensive End? Perhaps, but he will have to be substantially better, simply to rise to the level of average.

Brad Jones and AJ Hawk: Hawk is assignment sure and durable but not an impact player (outside of tackling golfers apparently). Jones has to be one of the worst starting inside linebackers in the league. Really hoping that Barrington or Lattimore step up and contribute inside.

Morgan Burnett: Regardless of who is starting alongside him he is just not good enough. It’s a very bad sign when people are talking about adding a rookie to improve the performance of a veteran. At this stage in his career it should be Burnett, picking up the play of a rookie, not the other way around.

Micah Hyde and/or Clinton-Dix: Might be talent here, but if we have learned anything from Caper’s schemes over the last 3 years it is that they are exceptionally capable of confusing young defensive backs. This off season McCarthy has all but admitted this much with his constant talk of “less schemes, more personnel”.

From a personnel standpoint it is hard to see where the improvement will come from.


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