Home opener at Lambeau

Just as I fully expected a Packers loss in the season opener, I expect a win in the home opener.  The Packers were fairly easily handled by the Seahawks, but I don’t think any other NFL team could have come out of that game with a win.  The Packers have their weaknesses, but they also have their strengths.  I fully believe they are a top 10 team and need a win.  The Jets on the other hand, got a win, at home vs. the Raiders, one of the worst teams in the league.

On offense, I am looking for a big game from the Packers.  The Jets defense is good, but it’s not Seattle good.   Even with Derrick Sherrod starting at right tackle I expect the no-huddle offense will be very effective.

On defense, I am excited to see what Lattimore can do in place of Jones.  Everyone (except Mike McCarthy, Dom Capers, and Ted Thompson) knew that the Packers couldn’t afford to go very long with Brad Jones at inside linebacker.  Will Lattimore be great?  Probably not, but competent would be a HUGE improvement. I am also hoping to see what Pennel can do at Nose Tackle.

Prediction: Packers 34-19


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