Packers at Bears Prediction

This is another tough one to predict.   Through three games I can’t determine if this year’s team is a typical Mike McCarthy slow starting team or just not very good.

Looking back the offense has been borderline bad for 10 of 12 quarters played.  Except for the second half of the jets game the offense can be best described using words like:  uninspired, passive, soft and predictable.  The tight end play has been abysmal with Richard Rodgers looking like a serious reach as a 3rd round pick.  The offensive line seems to have regressed with even the typically dependable Sitton and Lang having tough outings.  Outside of Jordy Nelson the wide receivers have been almost non-existent.  Given all of this it is probably should not be much of a surprise that even All-World Aaron Rodgers has looked human and out of sync.

The defense has shown signs of improvement from the 1st to 3rd week.  They started poorly when they were overrun by Marshawn Lynch in the opener.  In the first half vs. the Jets they were cut to shreds by Gino Smith of all people.   However they followed that up with a strong second half vs. the Jets and a very solid showing vs. a loaded Lions offense.   The only dent in that improvement came at the end of the Lions game, where they seemed to revert to past seasons and were unable to get a 4th quarter stop with the game on the line.

If the Packers are just having a slow start this game, on the road vs. a hated division rival would be where you would expect the turn-around to begin.  If they are just “not very good”, the Bears have been playing well and should be able to finally get a home win vs. their rival.

I may be picking with my heart, but when forced to choose I still believe the Packers are a talented team, with playoff potential.   I feel we will see major improvement from the offense today, especially with improved performances from Eddie Lacy and Randal Cobb.  My prediction Packers win 27-23.


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