Vikings at Packers Prediction

I fully expect a Packers victory tonight.  In spite of the Vikings dominant win over the Falcons, I don’t think that they will be able to threaten victory against the Packers at Lambeau, especially in a prime time game.

After the terrible rush defense vs. the Bears one of the main things everyone is interested to see is how the Packers defense will respond against what looks like a very good Vikings rushing attack.  Watching that Bears game live I was convinced the interior line of the Packers (Guion, Boyd, Daniels, D. Jones, etc.) were completely overmatched and dominated.  After watching the coaches’ tape I came away with a much different impression.  A good part of the blame falls on the linebackers. The inside linebackers were too easily blocked and/or charging into the wrong gap.  The outside linebackers, including a few terrible plays by Peppers, were also slow to pinch inside.  While the interior line was far from perfect, a good portion of their mistakes I would classify as being over-aggressive.  Things like charging past the play, or over-committing and creating cutback lanes.  I agree with Mike McCarthy that a few technical adjustments could result in significant improvement.

I expect the Packers defense will respond well this week and have a solid game.  Prediction: Packers 27-16

Season Record: 4-0


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