Packers at Saints Prediction

I’m very torn on this prediction.  I have been going back and forth all week.  Reasons I think the Saints may win include:

  • The Saints are typically very strong at home, especially during prime-time games.
  • It’s easy to overlook the Saints and their 2-4 record and forget that they have the #2 ranked passing offense in the NFL.
  • If Jimmy Graham is healthy the Saints have the perfect weapon to attack the Packers defensive soft spot at ILB. In fact this game may come down to the health of Jimmy Graham.
  • Packers’ defense has looked improved, especially vs. the pass but they have not yet faced a passer as good as Drew Brees.

The reason I think the Packers will win:

  • Aaron Rodgers is hot and typically plays great in the controlled environment of a dome.
  • Packers’ pass rush has been very good (Packers are ranked #5 vs. the pass), and the one thing Brees does not have is the mobility that allowed Ryan Tannehill and Cam Newton to escape several sack attempts.
  • Packers’ offense should have a lot of success vs. the Saints’ 28th ranked pass defense.

I may be picking this one with my heart, instead of my head, but I see the Packers bringing their ‘A’ game and coming out of this one with a win.  Packers: 37-34.

Season Record: 7-0


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