Eagles at Packers Prediction

Last week I technically got my prediction correct when I took the Packers over the Bears.  However, I was way off in that I was actually concerned that it would be a close, whoever has the ball last type of game, win.

This week I am much more confident in a Packers win, and I’m not totally sure why  The Eagles are a much better team than the Bears.  Marc Sanchez looks to be a much better QB than Cutler, and there is no comparison between the Eagles and Bears defense.

So why am I confident?  I think it has to do with a feeling that Capers finally has this defense on the right track.  That huge hole up the middle of the defense looks like it has finally been addressed.  Improved safety play with the addition of Clinton-Dix and Hyde has completely revitalized Burnett.  Likewise pairing Clay Mathews with Hawk has dramatically improved the inside linebacker spot.   I think Capers might finally have the pieces in place to run his complicated schemes.

I still think the Eagles will put up points against the Packers.  After all they have a really good offense.  I just don’t think they will be able to match Aaron Rodgers and company in Lambeau.  Prediction: Packers: 37-27

Season Record: 8-1


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