Patriots at Packers Prediction

Is this game a Super Bowl preview?  Who knows?  Both of these teams were marked for dead at points during the season and a lot can still happen in the last 5 games of the season.

While the Packers are still marginal favorites (2.5 – 3.0 points) they have not been getting a lot of credit by national pundits.  Watching the CBS pregame, all 4 “experts” predicted a Patriots win.  One even predicted they would blow out the Packers, because the Patriots had been “blowing people out” lately.  I guess he had not bothered to watch any of the Packers home games this year.

I don’t expect a blow out in this game, but if there was one, I would expect the home team would be the one delivering it.  I expect a close game that will go down to the wire.  It really is a toss-up type game.  With how well the Packers have played at home this season I just can’t pick against them.  Prediction: Packers 34-31

Season Record: 10-1


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