Packers at Seahawks Prediction

So are they still playing this game?  Listening to all the talking heads it appears the Packers should not have wasted the time to travel to Seattle.   Seahawks have won decisively before the opening kickoff.

Although I don’t believe hopes are nearly as dim as they are being portrayed, this is definitely a tough matchup for the Packers.   The Seahawks have really come on over the last 7 games and appear back in championship form.    While there is no doubt that Seattle is playing excellent football, especially on defense, there are some reasons to believe they might not be as unbeatable as portrayed in the media.  Looking at their level of competition, especially the offenses they have faced over the last 7 games, some might question just how much their defense has been challenged.   They have faced the Cardinals (twice), 49ers (twice) and the Rams.   None of these teams were offensive juggernauts this year.  The Packers offense, lead by the league’s MVP, will definitely be a big step up in level of competition – this alone should give Packer fans reason for hope.

I believe for the Packers to win they will have to do the following:

  1. Aaron Rodgers will need to play the whole game looking like the player he was during the 2nd half against the Cowboys. If he starts this game as immobile as he looked in last week’s 1st half, he might not make it to the second half against the Seahawks aggressive front 7.
  2. The Packers defense will have to tackle MUCH better than they did during the week 1 matchup against the Seahawks. In that game it is probably not much of a stretch to estimate that the Packers missed more tackles in a single drive that the Seahawks did in the whole game!  The Packers cannot win with this type of an effort.
  3. Eddie Lacy and the offensive line will have to offset the production of Lynch and the Seahawks. This will be important to ensure the Packers don’t suffer another loss where the opponent sets playoff records in rushing yards.  Any defense can wear down so the offense must stay on the field to give the defense a chance.
  4. Stay healthy. In week 1, Bulaga was injured in the first half resulting in Derrick Sherrod playing the entire second half.  One year ago, in the playoff loss against the 49ers, the Packers were down to playing Datone Jones at outside linebacker in the second half.  The Packers injury luck needs to change.

If the Packers can do the above they definitely have a chance in this game.  As a fan that is what you hope for when the season kicks off, having your team competing for a conference championship and a Super Bowl berth.  The Packers have done that this year and regardless of the outcome of the game this season must be viewed as a success.

So what will happen?  A lot needs to go right for the Packers to come out with a win. I may be picking this one with my heart instead of my head, but I think this game is will come down to the final drive and could go either way.   Prediction:  Packer 24-23

Season Record: 15-2


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