Pre-season really means nothing. But…

Thought on preseason game 3

  • The Packers offensive line needs work on run blocking, and perhaps more importantly they need to gain some confidence going into the regular season.  This really makes McCarthy’s play calling when Rodgers was in the game especially puzzling.  With Rodgers the Seahawks must respect the pass and cannot stack 8 men in the box. This would have been the perfect time to run, instead McCarthy goes back to his pass-all-the time play calling.  This was a chance to for the O-line to shake off the dreaded “soft” label and demonstrate some level of success against one of the best defensive fronts in the NFL.  Instead McCarthy waited until Harrell entered the game to try to establish the run, when the odds of success had been greatly reduced.  The end result was obvious, the run blocking was ineffectual and the opportunity to experience success and gain confidence was lost.
  • Injuries, injuries, injuries…  I have been watching a lot of football this preseason (thanks to the NFL preseason online) and I know it is subjective and most likely wrong but I just can’t shake the feeling that Packers players are more susceptible to injuries than others.   It just seems we can’t go through a drive without someone limping off (and not returning for weeks).  Really makes me wonder how we will get through a tough 60 minute game once the regular season starts.
  • Finely – First off I am not a Finley hater.  I like Finley and I think I represent the majority of Packer fans who have been optimistically waiting for him to “break out” and become a game changing weapon.  Sadly last night, at least for me, that cloud of optimism started to clear.    The reason has nothing to do with Finley’s attitude or lack of effort; I truly believe Finley competes just as hard as any player.  I just don’t think he is capable of being consistent enough to be a special player.  He seems to lack the “rise to the occasion” quality that signifies great players.  I hope to be proven wrong, but I expect this will be another year of promise mixed with disappointment, good not great play from Finley.
  • Final notes – It was obvious that this was not McCarthy’s typical 3rd preseason game plan.  I know it is probably well down on his list of priorities, as it should be, but he didn’t do much to inspire confidence in the fan base that this team is anywhere close to being ready for the brutal start of the regular season.   I know fan base’s confidence has no impact on the success or failure of the team; it is the confidence of the players that I am concerned about.

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